Terms of Service

The Nickel Institute’s technical information service provides free advice and assistance of a general nature through the Nickel Institute's network of independent contractors. Nickel Institute is not providing a specification or design service. The technical inquiry service is not intended or designed to be a substitute for the services and judgment of the engineer, designer or other professional involved in materials selection or design. The information provided should not be used or relied up for specific applications without obtaining competent advice. Nickel Institute its members, staff and consultants do not represent or warrant the suitability of the information provided for any general or specific use and assume no liability or responsibility of any kind in connection with such information. Inquirers must recognize the limitation of the service provided and are recommended to secure their own advice from competent sources to ensure suitability of materials selection or design for any given application.

Any terms of confidentiality regarding information provided by an inquirer must be secured by the inquirer directly with the technical inquiry services contractor. Nickel Institute will not receive any confidential information from inquirers.

Any personal information provided to set up the account will be held in accordance with the Nickel Institute’s Privacy Policy which the inquirer acknowledges having read and agreed to.